This week

Hello Sunday, Thought I’d recap a few things from the week.. Tuesday – My first event with the new company. A crazy hectic day with lots of last mins issues happily waving their hands at us. Still, we nailed it. Boss was happy, so am I. Thursday & Friday – Down with viral so mc … Continue reading

It was a blur..

It was raining when I was driving home yesterday. It wasn’t even a heavy rain yet I was having so much difficulty trying to get a clear view on the road. It was so blur! I thought it might be my wiper or my screen’s fault so i kept having my wiper on to wipe … Continue reading

The beauty forever

Been wanting to write about my trip to Paris since June. Due to my procrastination and unstable internet connection, this post have been put aside at least up till now. Let’s see when will i actually sit myself down and finish up the post. -♥-

Health? Checked!

Was in hospital yesterday for gastroscope and colonoscopy. It was quite a scary moment until I woke up from the resting ward not remembering any single bit of the whole tube-going-down-my-throat or tube-going-in-thru-my-bottom process. I remembered asking the nurses around if I have actually gotten all the scopes done. Guess the sedation was strong enough to … Continue reading

Settling down..

Am back in Malaysia. Left the place where I have called home for 4 years, one that led me to many journeys, different experiences, sweet and bitter memories, all kinds of friends, sisters and brothers and most importantly, a place that I’ve grew the most. I thought it would take me a longer period of … Continue reading

It’s a blur..

Easy way out or the hard thorny way? Dreams seem so far away.. Should I be selfish or be considerate? I wish my heart could tell me.. now…. Ps: I wanna live a life, not just survived through it.. -♥-

Girls’ night out..

It’s been a while since I had a gathering with the girls. This time round we have eleven of us, coming together to celebrate Slyvia’s birthday. We had the birthday dinner at The Court Hotel, followed by drinks at Luxe Bar. Since there are eleven of us girls, it was quite a scene when we … Continue reading